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Kajabi is a content marketing platform that allows you to sell content online. It is an all in one  tools. It offers content creator like you a place to sell your digital products, a website to show off your store of digital products, sales tools to make getting paid for your content easy, landing pages to grow your audience, email marketing to turn your leads into customers, and much more.

Packages & Prices


KAJABI Website Build (FRONT END)

This service focuses on your main website pages. Course building is not included in this package. 

UPDATED PRICES for 2021. Prices are still subject to change depending on your final functionality and implementation.

PACKAGE A: Course Set Up with Sales Funnel

This is package give you all the things you need to start selling and on boarding your students or clients to your course. This offers Sales Page, Marketing List Funnel and Course/Membership set up. Must have existing branding or can add on if needed.

UPDATED PRICES for 2021. Prices are still subject to change depending on your final functionality and implementation.

PACKAGE B: Course Set Up without Marketing/Sales Funnel

This package focuses on the Course Back End Set Up Only. No other funnel or pages included. Must have existing branding or can add on if needed.

UPDATED PRICES for 2021. Prices are still subject to change depending on your final functionality and implementation.

KAJABI Website Build & Course Set and Branding

The ultimate Savvy VIP Package. This package is for you if you need full-on support and build of your Kajabi Website, Course, and Branding. We will help you launch in phases and identify which need to be prioritize within the timeframe we will work together. 

Joanna at SavvyChic Design is a very talented person.

Joanna is so very talented at what she does! She has made an overwhelming process smooth and easy. She has been SO responsive to emails and change requests. I cannot recommend Joanna enough!!!!



WordPress still the most robust content management system (CMS) in the world. WordPress powers 32.3% of all websites on the internet according to a recent survey. 


Packages & Prices


WordPress Website with Existing Branding

You already created your branding for your business and how you want to start creating a consistent look for your website. 

WordPress Website with Branding Design

This package is my all in one service where Strategy + Branding + Website are combined.


'Working with Joanna was such an amazing experience. "

She worked at a very good pace, her professionalism and friendliness was a perfect balance and I could feel that she cared about the quality of my website and logo just as much as I did. That is priceless and deeply appreciated. 
From the very beginning, Joanna was very thorough and I could tell that she knew very well what to ask me in order to get an idea of my vision for my brand. She truly has a very special skill to be able to create something beautiful that delivers what is needed for my business. 
People have complimented my new Kajabi website so much and they’re actually excited to share it with others. I know I’ll be working with Joanna on future projects again and if you have something special you want a website and logo created for, Joanna’s definitely the person for the job!


Branding Strategy and Design

Before you jump into spending all the time designing something for your business, we need to create the foundation for your visuals through the process of my branding discovery and process. 

Packages & Prices


Starter Branding Pack

Creating a brand goes beyond just a logo there is a need to properly understand the value of diving deeper and understanding what your brand is all about. With this service you will go through my standard questionnaire of brand discovery and then you logo will be created with other tools that will set your brand apart from the rest.

FULL ON Branding Pack

Perfect combination of marketing and branding. This package is for you if you want to make more profit, be recognizable as an expert in your field, and be proud of presenting your services to your clients. Be ready for a brand that has a high-quality client service experience that is consistent from an interaction with the person to interact with any part of their site, services, or Social Media.

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