Top 3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is a Must-Have for an E-Commerce Store Owner​

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Email Marketing for Ecommerce
Are you an e-commerce store owner? Do you have email marketing in place? If not, you’re leaving money, and it’s a considerable sum at the table. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should start planning your email marketing for Q1!


I love sharing all the things I learn while building this savvy design business. Everything I learn I owe it from other people whom I learned from. I hope by following me online I will be able to create the same impact others did with their free resources. 

Reason 1: It is effective.

Email marketing is the best way to capture, engage, convert followers to buyers, and encourage repeat purchases. 

The key is understanding the email marketing funnel.

Email Mktg Funnel
  • Awareness. Build relationships with your subscribers by providing value-adding content as promised in your lead capture form.

Don’t limit your emails to transactional ones. Come up with a content bucket with the right mix of transactional and value-adding ( such as listicles, infographics, how-tos ) emails.

  • Consideration. You’ve introduced who you are and what you do. You need to nurture that relationship, address your subscribers’ pain points and buyer hesitations. Show social proofs, offer discounts, and free shipping at a limited time or for a minimum purchase. 
  • Conversion. Here is the part where you have convinced your subscribers to purchase by continually highlighting the unique selling proposition and product benefits. 
  • Loyalty. We don’t stop nurturing the relationship at the conversion stage. Now that you got them to buy, you need to make sure that they stay on our list. It would help if you aimed to increase customer retention by being consistent in sending out emails anchored to their purchase and providing excellent customer service.
  • The advocacy phase is the fun part! Your subscribers are now turning into delighted fans. To keep them on our list, keep providing them with handpicked, valuable and helpful content. You can now utilize user-generated content, run contests, incentivized surveys, loyalty programs, etc. We can even get them involved in product testing! It’s something that avid consumers would love to get involved in.

Email marketing is super cost-effective. It is a cheap investment for the ROI you’re getting. Imagine an additional 30% revenue just from emails.

Reason 2: People want it.

The best thing is that email is less intrusive compared to social media ads. That’s why people want it! Most of the website visitors are not ready to make a purchase right off the bat; they voluntarily give out their emails to subscribe to your newsletter. They want to hear from you. 

They want to learn more about product updates, discounts, and new product launches!

With email marketing, we’re only sending personalized emails to your subscribers’ behavior and preferences. It’s impossible to send a single message to everyone, but with Klaviyo, we can start by segmenting based on the level of their engagement, items previously purchased, predictive date of next purchase, gender, birth month, etc. 

When your contents are relevant to what your subscribers want, they will engage. If they feel that your content doesn’t resonate with them, they can unsubscribe. And even if they don’t, you can manually suppress them to protect your deliverability. I’m not sure about other email marketing platforms, but Klaviyo has this feature that automatically hides unengaged subscribers. Amazing right?

Email Mktg Expert
Reason 3: It’s measurable.

You’re able to track everything so you can diagnose areas for improvement.

You will uncover things like, what’s the best send time, what day is the best day to send emails, how many emails your audience prefers to receive, and what kind of content they engage more. How many people abandoned their cart, how many abandoners were recovered, and the list goes on! There’s a whole range of data and stats you can read depending on the email platform you are using – and you can do all these with Klaviyo.

There are many good reasons businesses use email marketing, but the figures speak for themselves at the end of the day.

Now, are you excited to know more about email marketing for eCommerce? Send us some love, and we might do an entire email series.