How to find your dream clients?

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When you have an online business, you have to double your efforts on really marketing yourself, your services, and finding your target clients. You have to be “visible” in order for someone to notice you. I mean, there is a lot of competition around, especially in the online world, right? 


Sometimes, you are lucky enough to get a lot of clients and you think that it is good for your business. But the question is, are they really the ones that your business loves to serve? 


Working for the right clients makes you happy. So how do you find them? Here’s sharing my Savvy tips on how to find your dream clients.


I love sharing all the things I learn while building this savvy design business. Everything I learn I owe it from other people whom I learned from. I hope by following me online I will be able to create the same impact others did with their free resources. 


Know your target market

When I first started, I knew that I would like to work with entrepreneurs online. I work with both male and female, depending on where they are. Sounds so broad, right? So I thought that I still need to figure out who among the entrepreneurs online that I would really love to work with. And then I decided to start niching down to people who are in the small businesses and knowledge entrepreneurs. These are the people who are experts and have a strong passion in their certain fields, and love to teach people, do coaching, share their experiences and put their knowledge into online so that they could create and educate other people who want to learn more about their expertise as well.


Finding your target market will definitely help you determine the best strategy approach that will give you more clients that you really love. It will also guide you on how to add an extra value to retain your loyal clients. 


Spend time with groups and events

One of the things that I actually did to find my dream clients is to spend a lot of time with groups that I know my community is in. If you do not know yet, I really love getting to know and talking with different kinds of people (actually it is more on the talking! I do talk a lot!).  Joining groups or attending events with similar interests with your target clients is a great way to connect and interact. Who knows, the one that you are currently having a chat with might be your next dream client!


Create a network

I could say that creating a network like the Chamber of Commerce, Women in Business, and other local networking in my area are such amazing tools that help me find my dream clients because these are businesses who try to work online as well. Creating a network not just online really helps a lot and because of my involvement I was nominated to be part of the Board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce Georgetown KY.



One of the key things that I did for myself is that on my website I was very upfront in indicating my pricing, the things that I do, what I can deliver, and have accomplished. With this, I would know which people would really understand and value my work. So if they push through and want to work with me, then we will book together. And then by the time that we have the conversation on our first discovery call through the booking and onboarding, then it makes it much easier to really work together as I know that these people who pushed through are those people who really value and appreciate my work and my value from the start. 


Remember that first impressions usually last. But make sure to create the correct impression to give your dream client the right expectation.


So there you go, Savvies. That is how for me is finding your dream client and working with them makes it more worthwhile because they understand and value your business process and at the same time, you know that they are the ones that you and your business truly love to serve with quality. 


Yes it was a long process, but when you do the correct marketing strategy that is right for your branding, at the end of the day, you found your dream clients, and they also found you. Win-win, right?