3 Ways to Leverage Pinterest For Your Business

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When entrepreneurs are asked to name social media platforms, Pinterest is not always the first to come to mind. It’s a platform that we are familiar with, of course. Many of us found ourselves lost in the seas of beautiful images of this visual search engine. Yet, many entrepreneurs do not fully understand the potential of the platform. 

With a strong audience of 450 million monthly users, and with almost half of its users having an average income of $100,000 a year. Pinterest presents itself as a social media platform with pre-existing qualified buyers. But what kind of opportunities can we leverage on Pinterest? How can we use it for our business?


Here are the 3 ways you can leverage Pinterest for your business starting today. 


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Make It Easier For Your Target Audience To Find You 
It is no secret that people are spending more time online than ever. Whether it is to search which restaurants are available in an area, or to read reviews on a product that they’re considering to buy, people’s purchase decisions are heavily influenced by what and who they can discover online. 
Being on Pinterest allows the customers to find your brand much more easily. Pinterest has a domain authority (DA) of 100, which is the highest level of domain authority possible. This means that your posts on Pinterest, compared to posts on other platforms, have a great chance to land on top search results on any search engine such as Yahoo, Bing, Google, or any others. If your audience decides to use search engines to find more about products or services they need, your Pinterest post just might be the one that they end up clicking on! 
Remember that Pinterest is a visual search engine that puts emphasis on both keywords and visuals. No other social media platforms do that! Instagram focuses on visuals. Other search engines focus on keywords. Pinterest is the only platform that does both. This provides you with two different methods to capture your audience’s attention without juggling multiple different platforms. 
Focusing on keywords has been an integral part of helping one of my clients get one million page views in a 30 day span. It is how your audience will find your content in the first place. Implementing strong images with strong keywords will help your post stand out, increase its traffic, and have your posts placed higher up on the search engine rankings on Pinterest or any other search engines. 
What will your audience be searching for? What problems are they looking to solve? What inspirations are they looking to gather? This will allow you to come up with a list of keywords that you can start experimenting with. 
Create Stronger Brand Credibility Faster. 

Have you had an experience where you discover a brand on one social media platform, and you start looking at the rest of the social media profiles? Well, your audience does that too!


Don’t forget that Pinterest has a very high domain authority. What is on Pinterest is likely to rank up high on search results of other search engines. So when your audience searches for your brand’s username, Pinterest is very likely to pop up as one of the top search results. This means a great opportunity for you to create stronger brand credibility much faster.


When people land on a Pinterest profile, they will see a created tab which shows all of the pin designs that were created under that account. This means that the visual appeal of your Pinterest profile will further determine their impression of your brand. In a matter of seconds, they’ll decide to either stay or click away. So make sure that your Pinterest profile is visually appealing.


Even if you are not a graphic designer, you can still create an aesthetically pleasing Pinterest profile and Pinterest posts. That is what tools like Canva are for. When you go to Canva to search up a Pinterest pin template, you’ll see thousands of pre-made designs. Click on the one you like and tweak it to fit your brand. 

Better Understand Your Audience’s Needs

Pinterest is not just great for helping your audience to discover you. It also helps you to understand your audience’s needs on-demand without complex market research or sifting through thousands of survey responses.

You have used the search results and keywords related to your brand to determine how to make it easy for your audience to find you. So you can use the same data to determine what your audience is looking for and consider as a solution.

Put on your Pinterest user hat and surf through Pinterest. What content are people putting up? What categories are showing up? What posts are getting the most traction? What kind of questions or keywords are showing up on the search results

Browsing through Pinterest will allow you to answer these questions. However, the most time-effective way to get these questions answered is through analytics. Analytics presents you with data and reports. So this cuts out the need to surf through Pinterest for hours!

Integrate Google Analytics with your Pinterest dashboard so that you can make data-driven decisions. Using this data to optimize Pinterest marketing has helped our clients bring in millions of clicks. If data shows a certain topic performing better, post more of that topic! This will help you completely eliminate the question of, “what does my audience want? Is this going to help me grow my audience?”.

Whether it’s being able to tap into your audience’s needs, building a stronger brand credibility, or increasing your brand’s discoverability, Pinterest is a powerful platform that can be leveraged by entrepreneurs. It may feel scary to step into such a visually focused platform. You may feel scared of the learning curve.

But keep in mind that with Pinterest, you get two ways to capture your audience; keywords and visuals. As well, there are many affordable solutions such as Canva or the Pintastic Toolkit, to help reduce the learning curve.

Ready to get pinning? What’s the very first board you’ll create for your account? Let us know in the comments 🙂 

And are you ready for support with your Pinterest management?  We can help with that too!